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Use our convenient online ordering service on your phone, tablet or pc. Get Reminders, Order 24/7, We keep you updated.
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We provide a full range of NHS and Private pharmacy services including one off and repeat prescriptions, private prescriptions and more.
Health Advice
Thousands of pages of health advice from the NHS, Pharmacists and Support groups covering every topic.
Monklands Pharmacy
We are a small Independent NHS Community Pharmacies serving the people of Airdrie.


Monklands Pharmacy
Welcome to Monklands Pharmacy and Perfumery The Pharmacy That Comes to You We have been serving your community and beyond for more than 30 years and whether you’re looking to order a repeat prescription, seeking advice around one of our specialised clinics or looking for that perfect anniversary gift, we can help. We provide a professional, friendly service, both online and in our store, meaning you and your needs always come first.

Our staff members are well trained and ready to assist you in many areas of healthcare, beauty and well-being. With our regular clinics, we go above and beyond the simple day-to-day supply of prescriptions to provide additional support to you and your family. We also stock a vast selection of gifts including jewellery, cosmetics, leather goods and an extensive range of fragrances to rival anything else in the United Kingdom. We sell top designer brands, great gifts for Christmas, birthdays and much more, available to order online and in-store today. Just take a look around our website for some of the best prices on the web and for more information on our pharmacy services. Don't quite find what you're looking for? Please contact us if you require any further assistance. We're here to help.

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Order Online
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Shop for your essentials online and make big savings!
It just makes sense to shop for all your essentials online... it's so convenient and cost effective!With a little organisation, it's fairly easy to put together a small list of things you need and if your order is more than £35, shipping is FREE!This will save you £££s over the...
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Interesting News for Pasta Lovers
Amazing research carried out by Dr Denise Robertson on blood glucose levels when eating white pasta at different temperatures!!!It's fairly common knowledge these days that eating simple carbohydrates like white pasta, can cause a surge in blood glucose and a resultant surge in insulin levels......
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Free Fitness & Nutrition Initiative for Everyone
24FitCamp is a Free 4 week training programme desigend to get you the best passible results in as short a time framse as possible! People are busy nowadays and health can come low on the list of priorites... that's why 24FitCamp is making it as convenient as possible for you to get in shape, get fit...
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108-110 Deedes Street
North Lanarkshire
01236 753252
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Premises GPhC Number: 1042188
Superintendent Pharmacist
Jane Turner (2031657)
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